THL Fire Equipment was founded to provide quality products and advanced solutions that exceed expectations. THL offers more than just design knowledge. With extensive on-scene experience, THL understands why quality products aren’t just a request but a requirement.  As a firefighter-founded company, we understand the need for products that will withstand years of abuse while still being functional.


The Founding Team

Brett Leland

Brett is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and has over 20 years as a fireman for the Perry Township Volunteer Fire Dept. Brett is as big-hearted as they come and never shies away from helping someone in need. Brett has dedicated most of his life to providing quality fire service products for responders across the world. Brett's vision for THL is no different. He looks forward to helping you and your department better serve your community.

Dylan Moore

Dylan is a graduate of Fire Science from Vincennes University and is a career firefighter for the City of New Castle, IN. He is also a firefighter for the Perry Township Volunteer Fire Dept. Dylan has a play-hard, work-harder attitude attitude and a fireman bloodline. A second-generation professional, Dylan was born and  raised to serve others. Dylan is excited to be a part of the THL team and looks forward to helping you make your dream a reality.